The Evolving Landscape of Digital Healthcare Hubs  

Trends and Insights from Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Providers


Digital healthcare hub services have emerged as a key component of the infrastructure that can help patients overcome a myriad of barriers to accessing therapies to achieve better health outcomes. Digitally-enabled hubs prove especially vital for patients on specialty therapies that can be complicated to understand and administer.

​This report shares key findings of a comprehensive study, illuminating both established and emerging trends that will impact how hubs are selected, how they operate, and most importantly, how they help manufacturers and providers best serve patients. We evaluated various methods including eBV, ePA, ePAP, e-Enrollment, co-pay support, etc. Through surveys and in-depth interviews with pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, and payers, a clear picture of the direction of hub services has emerged. 

Discuss factors influencing the digital hub provider decision, such as:

  • Disease-specific expertise
  • Ease of contracting  
  • Manufacturer-facing customer service  
  • Optimizing patient and provider referrals  
  • Provider-facing customer service 
  • Rate of issue resolution  
  • Speed of issue resolution  
  • Technology integration