2022 Report - Patient Services Trends 

Patient Service Trends Highlight the Importance of Better Hub/ Provider Partnerships

Patient Services Trends-1

 In the latest report from CareMetx, we explore how various patient services are changing the way healthcare stakeholders do business more effectively, and learn what manufacturers and hub providers can do to keep up.  

The following findings outline key themes that emerged from research conducted throughout 2022. They offer a window into how specialty pharmaceutical patient services are evolving, where manufacturers see their priorities over the next 18 months, what they want and need in a patient services hub provider, and how today’s vendors are positioned to meet their needs and align with their business objectives.    

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The following trends driving patient services :

  • The key drivers of value to your brand for patient services 
  • How to truly set up patients for success with your brand 
  • Where does cost fit into the equation 
  • How traditional model Hubs are creating frustration and cost and what you can do about it 
  • Best practices for getting your Hub started right  
  • What to look for in account management and why it matters in shifting from a transactional to a holistic model